Somehow indie developer No Goblin was able to think of an idea that was more ridiculous than their previous game, Roundabout, which involved a spinning limousine and hilarious FMV cutscenes. Called 100ft Robot Golf, the studio’s latest endeavor has players playing golf while also manning a gigantic robot. The game was announced earlier today at the PlayStation Experience, and is coming out exclusively on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation VR.

The 2016 release will also allow players to use their mechs to destroy buildings, and other obstacles on the course in order to get a competitive advantage. 100ft Robot Golf will feature online play, and local play that supports four player split-screen.

Check out what you’ll be able to do in your 100 foot tall robot in the trailer below:

Perhaps the best thing about 100ft Robot Golf is how the idea for the game originated. It can be traced back to a joke in a Let’s Play of Neo Turf Masters for the Neo Geo which involved No Goblin co-founder Panzer. Check out the joke that ended up spawning this PlayStation 4 exclusive below (or watch the full Let’s Play video here):

100ft Robot Golf is the second game from the Seattle based No Goblin. The studio previously released Roundabout on PC in 2014, and ported the surprise hit to Xbox One and PlayStation 4 in 2015. A PlayStation Vita version of Roundabout is planned for early 2016.

While not much more is known about the newly announced title, No Goblin did release some raw gameplay footage on their YouTube account. The new footage, that was not seen at the PlayStation Experience keynote can be seen below:

100ft Robot Golf is coming to PlayStation 4, and PlayStation VR. Let us know in the comments if you are excited for this upcoming 2016 release!

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