Games With Gold

With a week left in November, it’s time for Major Nelson to reveal what’s to come for December’s Xbox Live Games with Gold slate.

Xbox 360 Games with Gold titles are now all backwards compatible from here on out. So essentially everything from here forward is playable on Xbox One. But, as far as Xbox One proper titles go, we’re starting December off with The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing.

Originally released on May 22, 2014 for PC, Van Helsing holds a solid 77 Metascore. Here’s the launch trailer for Neocore Games’ title that is “not just another Diablo clone”. The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing will be available the entire month of December.

From December 16th through January 15th, Thief will become available for Xbox One owners courtesy of Games with Gold. It originally released February 2014 on Xbox One but landed with a mediocre 60 Metascore.

On the Xbox 360 Games with Gold side of things, we’re getting CastleStorm for the first half of the month. This half tower defense, half Angry Birds title holds a 79 Metascore from when it originally released on Xbox 360 in May of 2013.

For the second half of December we’ll be getting Sacred 3, a hack and slash brawler that came out last August from Deep Silver. Reviews aren’t good on this one, just a 51 Metascore for Xbox.

Finally, Major Nelson said we get “an extra gift for the holidays” in the form of Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising. Originally released back in 2009, this military simulation title from Codemasters received a solid 77 Metascore. Here’s the trailer:

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