Rock Band Songs Now In Rock Band 4

While PlayStation 4 owners have been soaking in the greatness that is original Rock Band set list for about a week, Xbox One players are just getting  their opportunity today. Harmonix has revealed that the Rock Band export is live for Rock Band 4.

Xbox One owners (and European PlayStation 4 owners) were left out in the cold last week as they watched their PlayStation step-siblings get access to the Rock Band tracks first. Due to Microsoft’s more intense certification process, it took a bit longer for Harmonix to get the songs onto Xbox Live. But now, all is well, and legacy players will now have access to the majority of songs that were on the Rock Band disc.

I use the term legacy players because not everyone is entitled to this content. Only if you have previously exported the Rock Band tracks into either Rock Band 2 or Rock Band 3 will those tracks now be eligible for import into Rock Band 4. The deadline to redeem these songs has passed, so if you’ve yet to purchase the Rock Band 1 export you’re out of luck at this point. If you have questions regarding said eligibility, you can read up on it at Harmonix’s site here.

Rock Band 3 has already been imported into Rock Band 4 and Rock Band 2 is planned for the near future in addition to Lego Rock Band and Green Day Rock Band. On a side note, a new patch is coming for Rock Band 4 at the beginning of February. This patch will erase the online leaderboards due to an exploit that is currently inflating scores. Thus, get your practice in on tracks but hold off on your most epic shredding until your scores will permanently stick post update. Happy rocking!

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