We’re back at it again with another code giveaway and this time it’s for  Electronic Super Joy.

Here is the description

 The game is a humorous platformer following a human character as he navigates a music-drenched world seeking revenge for his stolen butt. Obstacles include mazes, special surfaces that impede or otherwise affect the player’s movement, moving levels that force the player to move quickly, and enemies, some of which shoot missiles. The player passes numerous checkpoints in game levels that they resume from if they die. 

Tyler Treese wrote in his review, “Electronic Super Joy requires perfection from the player from the get-go, and nothing is given to the player. Pixel perfect jumps are a regular occurrence, and players will have to bring their A-game in order to gain any progress.”

We have 4 Xbox One codes available for fans who want to play one of the best platformers on Xbox One. The game released on Jan. 20th. To sum up, follow the accounts below, and tweet. Codes will be distributed by the end of next week.

 Electronic Super Joy Xbox One Code Giveaway

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