We’re back at it again with another code giveaway and this time it’s for 20XX.

Here is the description:

20XX is a Mega Man-inspired platform video game currently being developed by Batterystaple Games and is currently available via Steam Early Access. You play as Nina, an armored girl armed with a power blaster that you can charge up to release a large blast that does double damage, and Ace: an armored boy who has a energy sword. He can charge the energy sword to do double damage.


Amanda Bower enjoyed her time with 20XX in a recent preview. “As a gamer (and I’m sure many would agree with me), I’ve noticed that a good chunk of video games nowadays are just too dang easy. I’ll admit I was a little worried I wouldn’t be challenged enough when I picked up my controller to play 20XX; I honestly was expecting a laid back experience. But whew, let me begin by assuring you that I was terribly mistaken” said Bower.

We have 2 PC codes available for 20XX. The game releases is currently in beta. To sum up, follow the accounts below, and tweet. Code will be distributed by the end of next week.

2 PC Codes For The Mega Man Inspired Title 20XX

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