Well I finally can say I wielded Luke’s Lightsaber, deflected blaster bullets from stormtroopers, and made best friends with R2-D2…. or at least I thought I did. Star Wars Trials on Tatooine on the HTC Vive ran for at most seven minutes, but it was a nerd fever dream that I wish didn’t end.

The demo opens with the familiar opening when John Williams score bursting onto the screen fading into classic opening scroll that consistent in all seven episodic Star Wars films. As it disappears the camera slowly centers on the Millennium Falcon landing on Tatooine.

After a quick repair to the hull stormtroopers arrive on the scene to cause havoc, but thanks to R2-D2 he hands over your Lightsaber. My jaw dropped to floor when I first light up my weapon in front of me, and instantly start deflecting blaster bullets. For a split second I forgot that I was on the showfloor at the Game Developers Conference, and was actually living in a galaxy far, far, away. The controls were precise, and tight allowing me to easy maneuver the blade whatever I wanted.

I spent the majority of my time blocking blasts from imperial storm troopers, and taking the controls from General Solo. The only issue I found along the way was the accuracy in hitting targets, but that was expected since software still working out the glitches.

My demo lasted only ten minutes at most, but I could of stayed there all day. I know my critical gut is telling it’s short-lived experience that might not extend to a full 60-dollar product length — I’m looking at you Kinect Star Wars —  but if this is the early glimpse of what Star Wars games are going to be like on VR then sign me up right now.

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