Titanfall 2 - Launch Trailer

Well, the Titanfall 2 trailer is live action in so much as it has an actual human actor. I’m assuming those aren’t actual Titans that are riddling the environments in chaos. I could be wrong though… Regardless, it works.

Bang Bang, My Titan Shot Him Down

The slogan to Respawn’s sequel to Titanfall isPilot and Titan must become one.” And in this trailer, they sure do emphasize that. Our cinematic Titan has a mind of its own as it and its pilot go back and worth dismantling foes. It’s amazing to see in trailer form, but I’m assuming much less engrossing in the actual game. Not to say that game won’t be good, I’m just sure  Pilot and Titan won’t be that much in-sync on software.

Titanfall 2 finds itself sandwiched between two first-person shooter juggernauts. Battlefield 1 just released on Friday, October 21st. It holds a resounding 89% on Metacritic. Then next week on November 4th, Activision launches Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare. The current reigning sales champion of the genre. Titanfall 2 lands right in the middle of them as it releases this coming Friday, October 28th.

The reception of this game, and the impact it has on its opponents sales, should be quite interesting to follow. Time will tell whether the game is as “genre redefining” as it hopes to be.

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