NBA 2KVR Experience

One of my favorite experiences in Wii Sports, well Wii Sports Resort, was the 3-point shooting contest mode. It just felt so damn good to actually stand up, shoot your virtual basketball, and nail those buzzer beaters. Now, it looks as though 2K is trying to capture that same feeling. The studio has announced the NBA 2KVR Experience for PlayStation VR, HTC Vive and Samsung Gear VR.

“From Downtown… Ugly Shot!”

From today’s announcement trailer, it looks like there will be 4 core modes included in NBA 2KVR Experience. Those modes are Three-Point, Skills Challenge, Time Attack and Buzzer Beater. Three-Point modes tasks you with sinking 25 balls from the three-point line in under one minutes. While in Skills Challenge you have to activate targets on the court ahead of the basketball to keep it going toward the net.

In Time Attack, you sink as many balls as you can in one minute from various points around the court. And in Buzzer Beater you simply asked to “catch and shoot the ball before time runs out.” I imagine it’s a bit more complicated than that though.

You can get a better feel for how the four different modes actually play by watching today’s NBA 2KVR Experience announcement trailer. The game is being developed in partnership with Gatorade, so expect to see plenty of in-game advertisements for the sports drink. Within the trailer alone there’s a glaring mention of the “Gatorade Thirst Quencher” which can “keep your aim sharp by staying hydrated!” Here the official press release:

“In the NBA 2KVR Experience, players will join NBA 2K17 cover athlete and All-Star Paul George, as they step onto the court at the Indiana Pacers’ stadium, Bankers Life Fieldhouse. Paul George will also provide commentary and guide the player by offering tips to help improve their skills in mini-games and features including three-point shootout, a speed and accuracy skills challenge, the buzzer beater countdown. Players who can earn a variety of Gatorade boosts that will aide their shooting acumen, speed, recovery and more to help reach the top of the leaderboards.”

The NBA 2KVR Experience launches tomorrow. Check out the trailer for it today.

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