Nintendo Switch

Today’s reveal of the Nintendo Switch focused primarily on the new console and the way you can plan it. We did get a peek at a few games for it though – other than the prominent use of Skyrim.

Looks Like Updated Wii U Ports Are Coming

Mario Kart had a few moments to itself to shine. At first glance, the Mario Kart for Nintendo Switch looks like an exact port from the Wii U. However, look closer and you’ll see some differences. First off, King Boo isn’t a playable character in Mario Kart 8. So there’s that dead giveaway. Also, there’s double items being used in this game. Something that 8 does not incorporate.

Nintendo Switch - Mario Kart 8

Also, late in the Switch reveal are some players duking it out in competitive Splatoon. If you look closely, you’ll notice that there are some differences in the character models than what the Wii U has to offer. While neither of these are evidence of glaring revelations, it does seem to point to something. The rumors that upgraded Wii U games were being ported over appears to have some merit to them.

This is not a brand new Mario Kart being shown. Nor is it Splatoon 2. These are upgraded versions that will launch for the Nintendo Switch. However, Mario is a different story. What we’re seeing here for this Super Mario title is completely unique. There doesn’t appear to be a single rehashing element about it. It’s not an updated Super Mario 64, nor Super Mario Sunshine. Although you could argue it does has the aesthetic feel of Sunshine.

Nope, this Super Mario is no port. It’s the first 3D Mario game since 2010’s Galaxy 2. We’re sure to hear more about it soon, likely with a Switch focused Nintendo Direct in the relatively near future. Until then, just savor those 10 seconds of screen time.

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