darkest dungeon

Starting September 27th, Darkest Dungeon will be available to the lucky owners of a PlayStation 4 or a PS Vita. Additionally, the creators of this rogue-like experience have stealthily included a couple of bonuses to embellish all that the console version has to offer.

Darkest Dungeon now provides rare trinkets to its players.

Herbs, conventional stones, necklaces, and wicked potions are only a handful of trinkets that can be attained. Granted, negative side effects vary within each trinket, but nonetheless, they’re meant to empower characters. Some of these rare knickknacks are very rare to stumble across, while two others can be acquired from the get-go. With a little bit of extra work and exploration, who knows what will be unveiled?

The creators of Darkest Dungeon have also enhanced each main dungeon and added a new Town Event. Look no further for bonus recruits.

In celebration of the console launch, PlayStation Plus members are going to be offered a 20% discount for the first two weeks of its release. If that isn’t enough to nudge you into purchasing a copy from the PlayStation Store, check out the trailer for Darkest Dungeon below.

Source: PlayStation Blog

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