Rock Band 4 - Aerosmith Track Pack 02

Harmonix is trying to get the momentum going once again for their Rock Band 4 DLC library. The developer is back to weekly updates, with this week’s headliner being a sextet of jams from Aerosmith.

Joe Perry, Steven Tyler and the gang have teamed up with Harmonix to bring us six of their classics to Rock Band 4 this week. The headlining trio of songs from the group include “Cryin'” from their 1993 release Get a Grip, “Love in an Elevator” from  1989’s Pump, and “Dude (Looks Like a Lady)”, famously from Mrs. Doubtfire, and originally recorded for 1987’s Permanent Vacation.

The other three Rock Band 4 tracks included are “Rats in the Cellar” off of their 1976 album Rocks, “Eat the Rich”, again from Get a Grip, and “Seasons of Wither” which was recorded for Get Your Wings in 1974. Each track individually will cost $1.99 to download, however, you can purchase them all within the Aerosmith Hits Pack 02 for a discounted price of $9.99.

All the tracks are available as of today in the Rock Band Music Store.  Checkout the Rock Band 4 trailer featuring the Aerosmith tracks below. We’ll have Victory Point’s review of Rock Band 4 in just a few days.

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