Agents of Mayhem Review: Maximum Mayhem


Agents of Mayhem takes all the wacky and fun elements of Saints Row three and four and combines them to make a game about spy agents fighting an evil organization determined to conquer the world. In a lot of ways, the game reminds me of G.I Joe with its colorful cast of agents and Evil leaders trying to take over the world. Can this spin-off hold its own, or will it be another franchise that couldn’t branch out of its main core game?

Destructive Tendencies

Agents of Mayhem excels when it comes to gameplay and tone. Taking a cartoonish, comic book style format it fits perfectly with the plot feeling like an eighties cartoon show and even has animation cutscenes that match the style similar to overwatch. You start off with the ability to switch between three Mayhem agents during the game-play which is seamless being entirely new to Volition based games. While playing you start to unlock more agents by completing the story and side missions which are completely optional. As you gain more agents you will get to experience a wide array of abilities and weapons that make those agents unique. There are twelve agents in total that you can play with. The customization offers several choices per individual agent.

Driving is a focus again unlike Saints Row 4 where driving took a dive and was ignored by most gamers in favor of super powers like super speed and gliding. Driving is used for transportation and completing missions that require you to cross town and do objectives.You start with only one car that you can call as long as you’re near a road, in order to get more cars you have to find vehicle blueprints either in boxes scattered across the world or by doing missions that offer vehicle blueprints. There are ten cars in total that you can unlock and about ten more you can take from drivers while in town.

The leveling system is noteworthy since each agent can level up to level 20 offering more health, shields, weapon damage making the enemies easier to take down. if you don’t want to make it too easy there are about fifteen levels of difficulty ranging from rookie to chief of executions. If you collect enough crystal shards or earn them by doing missions, you can use them to upgrade your abilities and to level up past level twenty.

Story Time In Seoul

Agents of Mayhem is a third-person open world game developed by Volition, is a spin-off that was initially planned out in the 2013 Saints Row 4 expansion, Gat Out of Hell. Showing an ending where the saints get retconned and the world starts off fresh.

The story takes place in a futuristic Seoul, Korea where its common place to see advance tech like cyborgs and advanced A.I. In this timeline Legion, an evil organization has attacked the world on devils night causing a massive change one of those changes is Mayhem a spy organization which was founded by Persephone Brimstone in order to counteract Legion and its evil leaders Doctor Babylon and Morningstar.

Seoul, Korea has a unique look to itself with its Korean architecture that has been improved on by future tech, but still keeping the vibe of the city and even bringing important landmark sites to the game it can be fun to explore and fight while getting to know the city and its every aspect.

The ark is a place where all Agents of Mayhem go to recuperate before each mission. You can find several shops and services on this rust bucket such as car customization, VR training which is a tutorial zone to teach you how to deal with different classes of enemies, gear shops, and a shop to upgrade the ark offering many bonuses to the game.

Big Bad Adventure with Legion

Legion is massive they own their own personal army with forces that can rival any of the world’s armies. Doctor Babylon is able to hold all of this with the help of his lieutenants, Hammerhead, Steeltoe and August Gaunt in addition to that Aisha and Ariadne. each with their own personality and goals, which makes going up against each one of them such a pleasure.

If you destroy any of their equipment they will send waves of enemies at you. If you get them mad enough they will send their best soldiers and even a commanding officer that will offer a real challenge. and if you take out too many of their operations they will attack back and reclaim what ever outposts, trade shops and gremlin sites you took over.

The game introduces a new management system where You can send agents out to other parts of the world, similar to Assassins Creed Brotherhood, where you can earn rewards such as crystals, money, blueprints, and character skins.

Agents of Mayhem
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