Antonio Brown talked to us briefly fresh off his Dancing With the Stars appearance before he was eliminated in Week 9.  In our brief time talking to him, he revealed that the show actually helped on the gridiron, and why choose to be a public face for Castrol Edge’s VR project.


VP: How often do you play Video Games? Do you play them during the offseason? I’m kinda curious why you got involved with this VR project?

Brown: I think it’s a dope piece. It’s something that can train your brain and your mind, the more balance you have, the more better of you’re in the long term.

VP: Do you play Madden with your teammates?

Brown: Yeah I play. I often play with my son.

VP: What’s your favorite team to play?

Brown: Steelers of course, got to play myself.

VP: Not as the Cincinnati Bengals?

Brown: (laughs)…. Never as the Bengals!

VP: Do you play anything else?

Brown: I often play games with my son. I usually get him all the games like NBA 2K and Doom. I don’t usually play a lot, but I make the time.

VP: So how has Dancing With The Stars helped you on the field? I know you had a injury during the playoffs. How has that helped you on the field?

Brown: I think it helped me a lot. First of all my memory. Learning a new thing every week and having to prefect was challenging, but it was obliviously great for my mind. After having a concussion, you usually have symptoms of memory loss, however being able to dance really helped me remember picking up things. Also my shock absorbers have improved making it easier for me to push down on the ball of my ankles when I make a move.

VP: Do you plan on continuing dancing?

Brown: Absolutely. I plan to incorporate it in my training. Being stretched and working out and movements. Keeping my ankles pointed.

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