Games with Gold

Some solid entries are coming our way courtesy of the Games with Gold program this month. We get the Xbox One OG, as well as the one of the OG assassins. Let’s have a look…

April Showers Us with Some New Entries

Beginning April 1st on Xbox One, we’re being gifted the original launch title on the system – Ryse: Son of Rome. Take on the role of Marius Titus as you battle your way through the action-adventure QTE heavy story. The game wasn’t exactly cherished when it debuted with Microsoft’s new console, but it was exactly disparaged either. You can download the game at any point throughout the month of April.

After Ryse, The Walking Dead: Season 2 will hit the system as of April 16th. Clementine’s fascinating, yet horrific story continues in the award winning series. “Meet other survivors, explore new locations, and make gruesome decisions in this excellent five-part series.” Season 2 of The Walking Dead is available from April 16th through May 15th on Xbox One.

On Xbox 360 thanks to Games with Gold, and of course Xbox One with Backwards Compatibility, we have the action-RPG, Darksiders. Here, you’ll “take up War’s sword and search for answers. Dishonored after the premature end of the world, War must return to post-apocalyptic Earth to seek out those responsible, fighting angel and demon alike who blame you for the devastation. In this action-RPG of epic proportions, you must gain power, seek upgrades, and wield a legendary arsenal to clear your name.

Following Darksiders, we’re getting the conclusion of Ezio Auditore’s story in Assassin’s Creed: Revelations. One of the more enjoyable protagonists in the series, Ezio seeks to track down the Master Assassin as he parkour his way through Constantinople, Cappadocia, and Masyaf.

That’s what’s coming in April. We’ll be back in roughly a month to let you know what Microsoft has coming our way thanks to Games with Gold in May.

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