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Armored Warfare is an upcoming early access, action MMO developed by Obsidian Entertainment. The game attempts to depitc heavy armor battles, a theme that has long been ignored by developers who’ve preferred focusing on the infantry side of war instead. The game puts you in control of a tank and provides you with a good variety of missions and combat scenarios you can use to test your commanding skills. Very similar to World of Tanks, Armored Warfare features different vehicles each player can choose from. Vehicles are divided into classes to make sure you can pick the role that best suits you, and an upgrade system allows for power-ups such as special shells and improved parts to be acquired through in-game and real-world currency, giving you the chance to customize your tank and your gaming experience. Tanks can also be customized by adding paint jobs and decals, and a character leveling system is in place to allow players to rank up and unlock new vehicles and power ups. Furthermore, you can pick each one of your crew members prior to starting a mission, and different members will have an impact on the selected tank performances by increasing some of its stats.

Armored warfare custom tanks
Your Garage is the place where all of your tanks are stored and can be customized..

Missions in Armored Warfare are divided into two main categories. These being PvP battles, where two teams confront each other in an effort to destroy the enemy team and PvE missions, a series of scenarios where you co-operate with your friends in order to seize and control different objectives and complete the mission while fighting computer-controlled enemies. Different difficulty levels make PvE missions an important tool for new players trying to learn the basics of the game, as Armored Warfare offers no tutorial.
Combat is clearly the most important feature Armored Warfare has to offer. As the commanding officer on your tank, you control its movement as well as any combat-related actions. Different tanks will move and react differently to the terrain, allowing experienced players to exploit the vehicles dominant features while attacking or retreating. The game features different types of ammunition to be used on each vehicle, and you can decide where to aim your shot in order to damage the enemy tanks’ subsystems and render them inoperable without destroying them. Combat is simulated in details and this results in an experience where finding your enemy’s weak spot and timing shots correctly is the key to victory. Terrain plays a vital role in determining the success of an attack, as Armored Warfare features dynamic scenarios which will change during the matches. Most of the in-game items can be destroyed by shooting them or ramming through them as a few well-placed rounds will swiftly transform your tank into a steel coffin. Also, using ridges and buildings as cover while reloading or while locating your next target can turn the tides of a battle in your favor. Cooperating with your squad-mates also makes a difference while assaulting a position or preparing for an enemy counterattack, and the game allows you to do so by including an easy-to-use text communication system.

There’s still a lot to be done

The game relies on CryEngine technology to provide smooth and detailed graphics, although the early access version still shows how much needs to be done before the game is released, since the title looks not even close to what the engine is capable of. While off to a good start, the title could benefit from additional PvP game modes, as battles tend to turn into team death matches and wear out quickly. The sound design also needs to be improved as most of the tanks sound the same and sound effects stutter at times. Armored Warfare can currently be tested out by signing up for early access through the game’s website. The full version is scheduled for release by the end of 2015.

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