Astro Gaming launches New Headphone Line With Astro A10 Headset


Astro Gaming has found a nitch providing premium wireless gaming headsets that cost hundreds of dollars. With the space becoming more and competitive with brands like Turtle Beach and HyperX, selling cheaper alternatives it was time for Astro to get in the game. Astro A10 is the company creating a entry-level headset that is one of the smartest headset solutions for gamers with multiple consoles.

Astro’s new A10 is priced at $60, making it Astro Gaming’s least expensive and cheaper models available. The company hopes this headset will attract a new audience to the brand.

“When we conducted our survey, we discovered we were missing 80 percent of the market. A huge percentage of people who took our survey didn’t even own Astro products, and the fact that 60 percent of our fans responded and told us they didn’t own our gear showed us another problem we could solve. We challenged ourselves to create something that contained the essentials of an Astro Gaming product that we could deliver to a larger number of our fans,” Astro said.

Astro Gaming For A New Market  

The A10s are made to be durable. The company focused on a metal headband that’s covered with polycarbonate blend. It’s a headset that can take a beating from the younger set. Drayer twisted the headband to emphasize this and the device didn’t break. Unlike other Astro products, the microphone is permanently attached. When in use, players can mute the mic by flipping it up. However, it’s still a bummer that you can’t remove the microphone to get the full use out of it on roundtrips.  It would of have added a lot of value to the headphones.

The A10s will work with surround sound headsets courtesy thanks to the Dolby Access app provided. The app makes the Dolby surround sound effect, making it a better alternative to the standard issue iPhone earbuds provided. Here is a look at some specs:

  • Frequency response: 20Hz – 20KHz
  • Distortion: < 3 percent at 1KHz
  • Characteristic SPL: 104dB +/- 3dB at 1KHz
  • Weight (w/o cable): 346 grams

The A10s work with PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and mobile devices. The headset is on sale now.

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