Games with Gold

Wow. Microsoft has come out swinging things month. The publisher’s monthly Games with Gold offerings have hit the net, and me and my fellow Xboxians are quite excited.

You Could Say This Month Is Beyond The Mat… Get It?

We start off on the Xbox One side of things with the August 1st release of Warriors Orochi 3 Ultimate. Warriors Orochi 3 originally released back in 2011 on the last gen consoles. The Ultimate edition then landed on Xbox One a few years later with solid reviews, as it’s currently sitting at a 73% average on Metacritic. The game is essentially the offspring of a collaboration between Dynasty Warriors and Samurai Warriors 3. So if you’ve played either of those, you know what you’re in for. Warriors Orochi 3 is available for Xbox One the entire month of August.

Our second entry for Xbox One is a real slobberknocker. WWE 2K16 is headed our way. Stone Cold Steve Austin graces the cover of this edition. This year’s wrestling outing earned a passing grade of 72% on Metacritic and was hyped for its extensive roster. You’ll be able to enter the squared circle thanked to Games with Gold from August 16th through September 15th.

Moving onto Xbox 360, we’re getting two critically acclaimed hits with our subscriptions. We start with the adventure/platformer, Spelunky. It’s PC brethren touts a 90 out of 100 on Metacritic, as the title is widely acclaimed across the board. You can get Spelunky from August 1st through August 15th for free on Xbox 360, and on Xbox One via backwards compatibility.

Finally, one of those renowned titles that it feels like most people never actually played: Beyond Good and Evil HD. A commercial failure, but a critical darling, Beyond Good and Evil HD resides at 85 on Xbox 360. There’s been rumors of a sequel being in development for years, so maybe the Games with Gold release is a precursor to an announcement for that? We could hope…. Beyond Good and Evil HD is available on Xbox 360 and Xbox One from August 16th through August 31st.

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