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Tyler has enjoyed video games, both large and small, ever since he was a child with a Sega Genesis controller in hand. When he isn’t playing through strange retro games like Snoopy’s Silly Sports Spectacular, he can be found meditating under a waterfall to grow his beard or eating pizza. Probably the latter.

The King of Fighters XIV Features Three New Crossover Characters

Check out The King of Fighters XIV crossover characters!

Check out The King of Fighters XIV crossover characters!

Tequila Works’ RiME Gets New Publisher

RiME Publisher Revealed

Despite being dropped by Sony, Tequila Works' third-person adventure game RiME is still being worked on. Today, the Spanish studio announced that they had found a publisher for the PS4 title, and are teaming up with Grey Box to make sure it sees a 2017 release. Also involved in the deal is Six Foot, a company that provides community support for several...

Just Cause 3’s Bavarium Sea Heist DLC Releases Tomorrow

Bavarium Sea Heist DLC

Just Cause 3's DLC comes to an end.

A Mere $89.99 Will Let You See Through Clothes in Gal*Gun

Gal*Gun DLC

Mighty No. 9 co-developer Inti Creates released a new game on PlayStation 4 and Vita today, and it has some rather expensive DLC. Normally the premise for Gal*Gun: Double Peace, a risqué on-rails shooter that has players shooting female students with pheromone shots (no, really — I'm not making this up), would be the most puzzling aspect of the game, but its day-one...

Dangerous Golf Load Times Improved Drastically in New Patch

Dangerous Golf Load Times

Three Fields Entertainment released their promising looking debut game, Dangerous Golf, in June 2 of this year, but the console versions were plagued with issues. The biggest issue was the lack of an instant restart, which meant gamers had to wait 30 seconds in between attempts at a hole. That's a long time for a game that is built around trial and...

The King of Fighters XIV Gets Team Villains Trailer

Team Villains Trailer

Right before E3 2016, a new trailer The King of Fighters XIV was released showing off the fighting game's Korean group, Team Kim. Now that the event has ended, SNK Playmore decided to put out another new trailer, but this time focusing on a different team. It's the perfect way to bookend what has been an extremely busy week in gaming. The latest...

E3 2016: EA Press Conference Recap & Review

EA Press Conference recap

EA Press Conference recap

Check Out Team Kim’s Moves in New The King of Fighters XIV Trailer

King of Fighters XV

Atlus has released a brand new trailer for The King of Fighters XV that shows off the fighting game's signature brand of action right before E3 2016.

E3 2016: PlayStation Preview

Check out our E3 2016 PlayStation predictions!