The Killing Joke apparently has a sex scene in the soon to be released animated movie featuring Batman and Batgirl. You read that right. The first clip actually shows the two with Batgirl removing her shirt and mask after Batman grabs her butt.

What’s The Batman Doing Now?

Christian Hoffer, writer for, found a second clip that features the two having an awkward phone call conversation where Batgirl says, “Bruce, it was just sex for god’s sake.”

This isn’t the first time fans have seen the relationship on the small screen. Batman Beyond hinted at pair relationship failing in the past, but at least it was off screen.

In Batman Beyond 2.0, it was revealed that Batman impregnated Batgirl while she was at the time dating Nightwing (Dick Grayson). In the end, Batgirl had a miscarriage after getting punched and Grayson was shot once again by the Joker setting up the tension between the two rivals.



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