Batman - The Telltale Series - Episode 4

Telltale has done pretty well with its Batman – The Telltale Series release schedule. Episode 1 dropped on August 2nd. Since then, we’ve gotten an installment each following month. The studio confirmed today that November would be no exception.

Bringing an end to the chaos engulfing Gotham is no laughing matter…”

Full disclosure: I haven’t jumped into the series yet. I’m waiting for Episode 5 to drop and I can then hopefully complete the entire series during the Christmas period. So I won’t dare dip my toes into the trailer that dropped today. But the above headline, “bringing an end to the chaos engulfing Gotham is no laughing matter…”, pulled right the video’s YouTube feed, makes me excited for the series’ possible direction.

Telltale’s Twitter account, however is not so subtle:

Yep, looks like the Clown Prince is poised to make his debut within Batman – The Telltale Series. Episode 4 of the series is now confirmed to be releasing on November 22nd for pretty much every platform. It’s been officially titled “Guardian of Gotham”.

If you’re caught up through Episode 3, checkout the new trailer below. Hopefully this series can conclude within December, with The Walking Dead Season 3 right on its heels…

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