Batman v Superman

Whatever side of the line you fall on in regards to Batman v Superman, you can’t deny that the film left a lot to be desired as far as plot rationale goes. Many things in the movie just felt rushed or just completely unexplained. Well folks, that’s what Director’s Cuts are for!

We’ve known for a while now that a Zack Snyder Director’s Cut was coming our way eventually. Today, we have a trailer to prove it. And once again, just like that, we have new hype for this film. For many, it will be a welcoming sight when the ‘R’ rating hits the title card at the end of clip. Batman v Superman was pretty clearly a dark movie that was dragged into the light as borderline PG-13 film. Allowing Snyder the full R rating will hopefully enable him to tell this story the way it was originally intended.

You can tell just from the trailer that there was a lot left on the cutting room floor that would have aided the film’s exposition. Those pieces seem to put placed back in with this Ultimate Edition, and that gives hope that the overall product is better for it as a result. Batman v Superman lands in homes via Digital HD on June 28th, and on Blu Ray July 19th. Checkout the trailer below for your first glimpse of how Snyder’s story was originally planned to play out.

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