Bethesda warns us what we’re in for before even clicking play. “Doom’s multiplayer is not for the faint of heart. It’s bloody. It’s brutal. And it’s VERY FAST.” I suggest you take their word for it.

The publisher released the official multiplayer trailer for Doom today, and it’s everything you would expect it to be. The blood and gore is quite prominent, and the action is indeed fast. There also appears to be demon classes that players can morph into should they earn it. One form appears to be tank like, ruthlessly dismembers foes or consuming them instead. Another moves across the map with breakneck speed to earn its kills, while a 3rd blobishly makes its way across the battlefield. They aren’t invincible though, as a couple of highlights within the trailer showcases the tankish demon and our blog being executed by a standard player in a canned animation. And it looks hellishly satisfying.

Doom, and it’s multiplayer mode, releases on May 13th for PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4. Say your prayers.

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