Fallout 4

We’re just days away, folks. Fallout 4 is mere days away – 5 to be exact – and hype for the game is reaching nuclear proportions. Better find a Vault fast…

In one of their last attempts to satiate fans (or perhaps make their hunger even deeper), Bethesda Softworks has released their launch trailer for Fallout 4. The choice of being a female protagonist is stronger here than ever, as she is featured quite prominently and gives the familiar closing line of “let’s go, boy” to our loyal German Shepherd.

The trailer is pretty meaty running at 2:50, and it seems to delve into the overall plot of Fallout 4 quite a bit. I won’t go into details here should you be attempting to avoid potential spoilers until Tuesday, but I will say it appears as though the game will take us to one of the earliest time periods in the modern Fallout series.

There is a lot to see here though outside of the plot. Fallout 4‘s tower-defense style aspect of the game is briefly touched upon. We see our character going through the motions of building and upgrading what appears to be our own personal tower. There are bunch of the game’s creatures in the trailer too, including a few that will have you holding back the “WTF”s.

The final Fallout 4 trailer is just below. Check it out, just make sure you lock that Vault door behind you first…

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