Michael Ancel has been teasing us with random images for a little while now. Recently, it was a baby pig on a bikerish looking man’s shoulder. People screamed “baby Pey’j”?! Pey’j, of course, was the iconic pig companion in Beyond Good & Evil. We still don’t know the answer to that. But we do know this – Beyond Good & Evil 2 is actively in development.

“Game in pre-production. Stay tuned!”

Ancel is the creator of Beyond Good & Evil. So it’s pretty legit when news of this caliber is coming from him. However, this has been oft rumored for a while. Including when Ubisoft’s head honcho Yves Guillemot said it was “still on the way” at E3 this year. Today though, it seems things are trending in the right direction.

Ancel posted two images today of a shark and rhinoceros humanoid creatures:

The captions are the more interesting portions of his posting though. The first simply says “Ready for the fight.” However, the second says ” Endangered species—now saved. Game in pre-production. Stay tuned!”

It sure seems as though Ancel is confirming that Beyond Good & Evil 2 news is imminent and that the game is in active development. Awesome news for sure. To be determined is whether there is merit to the rumors that Beyond Good & Evil 2 is an exclusive to the Nintendo NX. Now that would be an interesting move.

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