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It seems like John Romero and Adrian Carmack are planning to return to the FPS scene with an upcoming game known as BLACKROOM. The title, which is currently just a kickstarter project, was announced earlier today and is described as ” a visceral, varied and violent shooter that harkens back to classic FPS play”

BLACKROOM will be powered by Unreal Engine 4 and will feature both a multiplayer mode including co-op, 1v1 deathmatch, and arena maps and a single-player campaign which will offer more than 10 hours of content. The title will also feature full mod support, dedicated servers and will give the community the ability to create and share new maps. According to the press release, the upcoming FPS game will have you fight in a mix of locations including military sims, interstellar space, and hellish infernos. Rocket- and strafe-jumping, typical of other titles developed by the guys who funded Id Software, will also make a comeback in BLACKROOM to deliver a dynamic, intense and fast combat experience. Last but not least, a soundtrack by metal guitarist George Lynch will accompany you as you fight through the various scenarios.

As of now, Night Work Games’ objective is to collect 700,000 USD dollars through Kickstarter, although it seems like the game won’t be seeing the light of day before somewhere in the winter of 2018. Backers will be able to help shape the future of BLACKROOM through the game’s forums and special “backer polls” that will take place during the various stages of development. Several achievements have also been added to the game’s Kickstarter page, requiring the community to perform certain tasks in order to be unlocked.

BLACKROOM will be released on both PC and Mac systems through the use of Steam and other DRM-Free platforms. If you wish to know more about the project or you’ve already decided to support it, you can hop to the game’s page by clicking here.




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