Victory Point’s reigning Publisher of the Year, Devolver Digital has announced the first major update to Plethora Project’s Block’hood. The expansion to the popular neighborhood-building simulator adds creatures into the mix. Humans or animals will now join player’s neighborhoods, and it’s up to players to create the perfect habitat for the two types to coexist peacefully.

That’s not the only update to the Early Access Steam title, as Plethora Project has also added in a new challenge tracker into the game. This will help players fulfill challenges, and should help players plan out their neighborhood in advance.

Finally, the expansion also brings new advanced block types to Block’hood. These include blocks that produce food. It’ll be up to the player to choose if they want their neighborhood to use pesticides, or go fully organic with their farming. They can also choose to farm animals, although this vegetarian author thinks that is a bad idea.

Check out the brand new trailer for the Coexist Update below:

Block’hood released last month on Steam Early Access for $9.99. The block building game is one man studio Plethora Project’s first retail release. The game’s premise makes more sense when you consider that the game’s developer, Jose Sanchez, is an architect as well as a game developer. Sanchez also teaches at the USC school of architecture.

The unique simulation has garnered praise for how it handles the unique ecosystems of cities, and how those systems intertwine with each other. Players have access to over 90 different building blocks that they can use to create their own neighborhoods, and watch how they mesh.

Block’hood is available now on Steam for $9.99 and is currently in Early Access. Victory Point will have more on the game as its development continues to unfold in 2016.

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