Every title in the Borderlands series is now playable on Xbox One. This is thanks to Microsoft’s announcement today that 2K and Gearbox Software’s Borderlands is now backwards compatible if you are a member of Microsoft’s Preview Program.

Xbox One owners who are not participants in the Xbox One Preview Program will have to wait until November to explore Pandora again. In November, backwards compatibility will go out of beta and will be available to all.

Both the digital and physical versions of Borderlands will work on Xbox One, and as long as players have their save files in the cloud, they’ll be able to continue their progress. All of the add-on content for Borderlands is also compatible.

2K President Christoph Hartmann was excited about the news saying, “We know many of our fans have put in dozens, even hundreds, of hours exploring the world of Pandora on their Xbox 360, and now they can continue their adventures on Xbox One.”

This is great news, as the Xbox One Preview Program continues to offer up more backwards compatible titles. It also means that every title in the series can now be played on Xbox One thanks to the release of Borderlands: The Handsome Collection earlier this year. Borderlands joins other high profile Xbox 360 releases such as Mass Effect and Super Meat Boy that are already playable on Xbox One.

With only two short months left until backwards compatibility officially launches on Xbox One, Borderlands might be the final test before over 100 titles are available in November.

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