While the Smash Bros. series won’t see the light of day on your Xbox One, PlayStation 4 or PC, that doesn’t mean games inspired by it won’t. A Challenger Approaches in the form of Brawlout, “a competitive platforming fighter” from Angry Mob Games.

Brawlout “marks a return to the golden age of platform fighters. It draws on traditional fighting games to create a parade of fantastic fighting moves, and a vivid world all its own.” The studio admits that the platforming style and off-screen death rules are inspired by Smash Bros., but Angry Mob Games credits Mortal Kombat and Street Fighter for the title’s more violent tone.

Brawlout will feature up to 8 player bouts either locally or online. Characters within the game will evolve as you play with them. Each will start with a basic move set, while continuing to play with them will unlock more abilities and customization options. Much like Smash Bros., the various characters in Brawlout will vary in how they feel considerably. All of them though will be able to utilize the game’s Rage meter. This meter allows your character to “get much tougher” and can be consumed to attack with specialized moves.

You can get a glimpse of what Angry Mob Games is striving for in Brawlout via the below trailer. The platforming fighter is headed to PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC in early 2017.

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