It’s funny how much things change over time. And when it comes to first person shooters, the genre has definitely changed a lot. Doom is one of those games that definitely shows the dramatic change over time that advances in tech have brought to allow us for more enriching and overall better experiences.

Although while many FPS’s do still struggle with having that perfect marriage of the fun, non-linear, do what you want gameplay style of the olden day shooters, as well as the modern, more complex control schemes of the new days, there are definitely people who want to see that a reality, and SGT_MKIV is one of those people.

While the Brutal Doom mod is not new in and of itself, the newest version of the mod aptly named “V.20” adds new features to the mix, such as:

  1. Ragdolling enemies
  2. New death animations
  3. Bullet penetration (this can be turned off by the way)
  4. Better AI
  5. New Weapons & finally
  6. Stealth!!?!

Overall this new package definitely includes all the best things about the previous versions of the mod, enhances them, and definitely makes Doom an experience worth playing again.

SGT_MKIV has stated before on facebook posts that he planned on bundling the mod, as well as new levels to play with that he made himself, adding extra bang for the buck! But for now, only the mod is what’s available.

Maybe sometime later in the upcoming months will that pack be made available. Anyways if you needed an excuse to play Doom again, with less vanilla features, with more modern tropes that newer games bring to the table, and just more and more blood and gibs, then this is THE mod to get.

To download the mod, you can click here to go the download page, and test it out for yourself. Just a note, you need either the latest versions of Zandronum or GZDoom and working Doom .wad’s in order to play. If you still aren’t convinced however, you can check out this official trailer for yourself.

Rip and Tear my friends…Rip and Tear.

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