Call of Duty: World War II Review: The Battle For The Rhine


Yearly releases can be successful or fail horribly. And with the recent release of Call of Duty WWII you have to wonder if it works or just misses. With the consistency of the futuristic games, Advance Warfare, Black Ops 3 and Infinite Warfare, fans were going crazy for something new, something fresh. What most people realized is that the key is to go back in time and relive the days of World War II. In many ways, it was a success for Activision, with Call of Duty’s WWII having plenty of content and semi-fun gameplay. However, does it live up to a game like Call of Duty World at War or some of the older titles?

Deadliest Time Period

The fascinating part of Call of Duty WWII was the story. It depicts the life of a soldier named Private Ronald “Red” Daniels, showing how brutal the war was is. In addition to this most of the characters are done pretty well with the exception of stiles and Aiello. Kind of just feeling like they’re in the background with a couple of scenes throughout the game. No way near the screen time Zussman and Pierson get in the game who are key players in the story. Another important character is Lieutenant Turner he acts as the leader of the group but also the reassuring protector making sure his men are always at their best. Really the story lacks when it comes to historical accuracy. There will be times when you’re on the battlefield and you will find guns that were not involved in the fight at all and would be impossible to find there. Like Russian guns in certain parts of Germany which never involved Russians in those battles. The campaign did tell an interesting and enjoyable story about one of the most devastating wars of our time and that should be commended. Still, they should have put more time into getting it accurate like they did with Call of Duty World at War.

Call of duty looks great graphically and the level design mimics the battles that took place. Making it feel like you’re on that battlefield as if the war was still going on. The only issues are the guns and the sounds. In particular several of the guns don’t sound like how they should when firing, sounding like other guns this is more of a sound problem. However, the actual appearance towards several of the guns looks off not matching what they actually look like with their real-life counterpart.

Wasted Space In The Army

Sadly the most disappointing part of the game has to do with the social space. Initially, the headquarters was meant to be a hub for players to meet and do things with each other. Mimicking what destiny has with its tower and farm. Instead, they choose to make it an empty space with just NPCs you can talk to for rewards and to prestige. Notably, you can also play classic Activision games going back to the 80s-90s. At the same time, it requires coins which you earn playing the game or buying online. Another aspect that makes this place seem so off-putting is that it’s the designated place for loot boxes/supply drops. There’s even a mission for you to watch another player open supply drops which can only happen if you invite a friend into the party which feels more like it’s trying to push loot boxes hard.

Music is composed by Wilbert Roget II who is known for making music for, Star Wars: The Old Republic, Guild Wars 2: Path of Fire and Star Wars: Force Unleashed. He has a track record of making quality music and that is no different for Call of Duty WWII. Feeling the devastation of the loss of life while putting everything on high alert and battle intense. Several of the tracks you rush into battle has the feeling like the war wasn’t only blood, sweat, and tears. It makes you think you’re on a more heroic quest to defend the world from the Germans. Also to prove to yourself that you have what it takes to survive the hell that was World War II.

Surprisingly the gameplay feels different than most Call of Duty’s this one felt more slowly paced. Most of the time you are still running into battle, but the guns feel much slower because of the time period. There are several guns in World at War that fired a lot faster and are the same guns. Also several of the rapid-fire guns feel so dumbed down that some semi rifles could beat them in speed. Another issue with the combat is for online snipers and shotgun users feeling overpowered because of their specials, Sharpshooter and the incendiary rounds. It’s understandable to give them an edge but to make it broken seems odd. Aside from that the combat is actually still kind of fun just broken, it still shares some qualities from the older Call of Duty’s just in a different skin than usual.

World War 2 Action At Its Slowest

Multiplayer feels more of the same with all the familiar modes, capture the flag, team deathmatch, free for all, search and destroy the only new mode is war which is an objective-based match. Something that is new to multiplayer is divisions they are subclasses that you play as and level up with there are five divisions, Infantry, Airborne, Armored, Mountain, and Expeditionary. They all have a preference for guns and abilities, infantry uses assault rifles, and is able to use bayonets, Airborne uses submachine guns and are able to use SMG suppressors, Armored use machine guns and have LMG bipod making anywhere a good spot to take down enemies, mountain uses sniper rifles and have the sniper sharpshooter ability, Expeditionary use shotguns and can use shotgun incendiary shells. Although none of the weapon preferences matter since you will be able to just unlock them later on as you level up.

Multiplayer does do one thing interesting besides the divisions. You create your own soldier before you start playing although the options are kind of limited it still felt new to the series. Servers are not working as properly as it could have. I Had several connection errors after several games it became an issue. It also lagged several times during matches only to be killed seconds later at first thought maybe the connection was bad on my side but tested it out and worked fine with every other game so it’s the unbalanced servers.

Zombies Revamped

One of the best parts of the game is zombies. The Final Reich is the newest map its location is a snowy village in Mittelburg Germany. However, there is more to it than just a village. As you go through waves of zombies you will notice different areas of the map suggesting that they were experimenting here on people. This is where Jefferson, Drostan, Marie, and Olvia fall into play they are military officials assigned to locate stolen art from the Nazis however when one of their meetings go into complete chaos because of the experiments from the village there forced to investigate. The newest map tells an interesting story about the Nazis and Allied forces revealing their darkest secrets. This mode offers a fun experience with a different way of playing. Since specials were added which has a unique ability that charges overtime in the game they are called shellshock which pushes and stuns enemies, frontline offering a sort of tank ability calling all the zombies to the player and letting the player do twice the damage, camouflage lets you turn invisible for a brief time letting you sneak away or even to revive a fallen friend, freefire makes it so you have unlimited ammo even if the gun has no ammo left.

Weapon build kits come back from black ops 3 letting you customize weapons with attachments you earn as you level up. Mods are minor abilities that you can equip with the specials. Consumables are items you can equip before a match and can offer power-ups, coupons for weapons, mystery box key making it cost 50% less, and self-revive allowing you to revive yourself twice during a match. The flaws come to play when it comes to the slow leveling, janky melee system feeling slow and more harmful than good. And wasted perks like Faustblitz which is more damage to melee, and Schildblitz which is an electric shield both are useless since melee isn’t crafted well in this game and the electric shield only helps so much before you die. Another thing to note there is a second map called Groesten Haus but that serves as a prologue to the zombie’s mode.

Call of Duty: World War II
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