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It’s with a post published to Mojang‘s official website and a retweet that Owen Hill announced the decision to reschedule Cobalt‘s launch date to somewhere during February 2016.
“The game is feature complete, but our current build is buggier than we’re comfortable with” said Hill, while explaining that the additional four months will not only be used to iron any bug out but also to perfect Cobalt‘s launch on consoles, a process that, according to him, requires an incredible amount of work.

Developed by Oxeye Games Studio in collaboration with Mojang, Cobalt is an action-platformer set in a 2D environment and featuring both a 1-2 players campaign and a 8 players multiplayer. Playing as a “cute robot”, you can jump, shoot, roll, throw, dance, hack, dodge, race, or loot your way to victory. The game was originally scheduled to be released some time during October 2015. Cobalt will be playable on Steam, Xbox One, and Xbox 360. More information about the game can be found on Cobalt‘s official website.


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