Rogue One

Folks, we have another Star Wars movie coming out in December. This is a big deal. Thus, when a trailer drops for a new Star Wars movie – this too is a big deal. So here we are. Today, we bring you a “trailer tease” for the new Rogue One trailer set to debut during the Olympics Thursday night.

We Now Live In A World Where We Have Trailers For Trailers

It’s our own fault, really. We’re rabid glutens for this stuff. We dissect every frame and devour every morsel of new information. Not that that is a bad thing! Rogue One is still a mystery for the most part. Unknown characters in a relatively unknown portion of the Star Wars lore. So it’s exciting that we’ll be getting a fresh glimpse of this film during NBC’s coverage of the Summer Olympics on Thursday night.

However, just knowing that a new fully fledged trailer is coming Thursday isn’t good enough. We need something now, damn it! And luckily, Disney agrees. Thus, we have our “trailer tease” for the actual teaser trailer. 2016, people.

You can check it below, although there isn’t much to it. We’ll be back on Thursday to break down what we see in the actual new trailer proper. Then, we’ll just have to wait until December 16th for the full Rogue One experience.

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