Conan Exiles

FunCom dropped a trailer today showing off their upcoming open-world survival title. Conan Exiles, set in – you guessed it – the brutal lands of Conan the Barbarian”, is headed our way in 2017. And it’s looking pretty good so far…

“In This Brutal Land of Vengeful Gods, Bloodthirsty Cannibals and Vicious Monsters, Survival is More than Tracking Down Food and Water…”

Conan Exiles, as our headline suggests, looks heavily inspired by some popular Bethesda titles. A lot can be gleamed by FunCom’s new trailer. The game seems to incorporate the first-person to third-person perspective switching of The Elder Scrolls and Fallout series. And when watching the trailer, it just screams Bethesda.

The hand-to-hand combat looks spot on Elder Scrolls. You also get that same vibe when seeing these gigantic monsters on the battlegrounds. Also, throughout the trailer much of the combat taking place happens at a drastically slowed pace. It looks exactly like the combat system while utilizing Fallout‘s V.A.T.S.

You also see the implementation of crafting in the trailer below. And apparently, the building up and defense of your own forts is an important part of Conan Exiles. Are we seeing a common theme here yet? And while the system’s in place may look familiar, the story is certainly different. Here’s FunCom’s description:

“You are an exile, outcast and downtrodden, sentenced to walk in a barbaric wasteland where the weak are crushed and only the strong can live. Here you must fight to survive, build, and dominate the world alone on your own server or with enemies and allies in online multiplayer.

Journey through a vast, seamless world filled with the ruins of ancient civilizations and uncover its dark history and buried secrets as you seek to conquer and dominate the exiled lands yourself. Start with nothing but your bare hands and forge the legacy of your clan, from simple tools and weapons to gigantic fortresses and entire cities. Enslave the bandits of the exiled lands to do your bidding by breaking them on the grueling Wheel of Pain. Sacrifice the beating hearts of your enemies on the blood-soiled altars of your god to seize true power and glory. Summon the colossal avatar of your god and see them lay waste to your enemies and their homes.

Just remember: in this brutal land of vengeful gods, bloodthirsty cannibals, and vicious monsters, survival is more than tracking down food and water. Explore mysterious ruins in search of treasure and knowledge, but beware the risk of your mind being corrupted by the dark forces of the world. Traverse vast sand dunes and seek shelter from scouring sandstorms sweeping across the burning sands. March into war against your enemies and unleash your savage fury in brutal combat. Go in unprepared and it will be your head rolling and limbs flying.”

FunCom plans to have Conan Exiles ready for PC Early Access on January 31st. It will also be headed to Xbox One Game Preview in the Spring.

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