Conan Exiles

Originally planned to release this Spring, Funcom is going to let Conan Exiles bake in the desert sun a little while longer.

“The Delay Will Only Be a Couple of Months at this Point.”

The survival/action-adventure title released via early access on PC back in January. The plan was to then put it out on Xbox One’s Game Preview Program in just a few months, with a proper release there and on PlayStation 4 to follow. However, it seems the game needs a bit longer to gestate.

The developer then followed up with a proper statement on Conan Exiles‘ release date:

“With the initial success of Conan Exiles on PC we want to take the opportunity we now have to spend some more time on the Xbox One version before we release it into Game Preview.”

Fair enough. PlayStation 4 has no such early adopter/preview program. So folks with Sony’s console will have to wait for an actual full version release, which has yet to be slated. Xbox One owners can now expect to get their mittens on the game sometime between July and September.

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