Cuphead - Platforming

The good folks over at Hpo went to IGN today to share a scoop of sorts regarding their boss battling cartoon title, Cuphead. The scoop? It’s not just a boss battling cartoon title anymore.

IGN released a new video today demonstrating newly implemented platforming levels with the game. We’re treated to a about 80 seconds of new footage that shows an earlier level of the game in which our titular character, Cuphead, shoots, jumps and dashes his way across various chasms and enemies on the screen. Finally, once your character has scrolled right as far as he can, “Bravo” hits the screen and you go to the next stage setting – presumably the boss battle.

This is a huge revelation for Cuphead. The game was already pretty heavily anticipated, but if it can nail down these platforming mechanics as well, we could truly be in for something special. We’ll certainly see more of Cuphead‘s new platforming levels next week. Let’s hope they maintain the same pedigree the rest of the title has shown up to this point.

Hopefully we’ll get some kind of idea as to when the game will be hitting PC and Xbox One. Until then, checkout IGN’s new clip below:

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