Cuphead Delay

As 2016 draws closer and closer to a close, fans (or at least just me) have been wondering where the hell Cuphead is. The developers over at Studio MDHR have steadfastly said that 2016 was their release date. Well, things have changed.

Developer Wants to Keep Their Vision Intact

Chad Moldenhauer, an artist over at Studio MDHR, published a post on the company’s blog explaining the situation:

“Hey, everyone, we wanted to finish our game 80 years after 1936 but it will now have to be 81.”

After Chad’s initial funny, he dropped the hard facts:

“Throughout this year we discussed reducing the scope to make a 2016 release, but we made the difficult decision to delay the launch in order to ship with our vision intact. We are happy to announce that Cuphead will be coming to Xbox One, Windows 10 and Steam in Mid-2017.”

Moldenhauer went on to thank fans for their continued support. This isn’t a shock, really. The beautifully rendered game never had an actual release date. Studio MDHR and Microsoft only ever said it would launch in 2016. With less than three months left in the year and no actual date, it was pretty clear that wasn’t happening.

Hopefully the added time will allow Cuphead to reach the heights of greatness many people hope from it. I guess we’ll find out sometime next year.

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