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Curve Digital set to release their first Indie Mixtape next week


No it’s not what you think, it does not have anything to do with indie music on an actual mixtape. However Curve Digital recently announced today that their Indie Mixtape will be set to release worldwide on April 23rd.

As a primer, the Indie Mixtape is a bundle of indie games made by high quality independent developers, hand picked by curve themselves. The point of doing this according to them is to highlight indie devs and giving exposure to the work they produce, while getting them paid and giving consumers packs of awesome independently made games at a cheap price, which is a great idea, overall a win-win.

The first bundle of games will include 5 games with it for the low low price of £6.99/$9.99/€9.99 which to me, if you don’t mind saying myself, is a steal. The games they are planning on including for this first bundle will be as follows:

LAZA KNITEZ!! by Glitchnap – Pew your way to glory in this up-to-four player couch spear-em-up.

hets by Ditto – Lost in ahellish randomly dungeon, grab your hand cannon and blast away the bad.

Roguelight by Daniel Linssen – The deeper you explore, the darker it gets – and only your arrows will light your way.

Test Chamber by Shark Jump Studios – Exercise your brainbox in this non-euclidian cubic puzzler.

Detective Chirpums: Private Investigator by Detective – They say the city’s a roost for every bird. This noir aviary-adventure is only for the most hard-boiled investigator.

The bundle will be set to release on both the Humble store as well as Steam.

Overall, I think this is awesome, and if any of you think any of these games seem interesting to you guys, then definitely pick them up when the pack releases next week.


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