Dangerous Golf

The folks at Three Fields Entertainment sure love to blow stuff up. The developer, comprised of former Criterion Games members, initially showed us their love for chaos in the Burnout franchise. Now, they’ve set their sights on a new avenue for destruction. And that’s… golf? Not just any golf though, it’s Dangerous Golf.

Dangerous Golf, out today on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, pits players in a miniature golf style game within destructable environments. Typically in golf, you try to avoid the hazards in route to the pin. In Dangerous Golf, you are the hazards. As you strike your ball, it will fly through the “hole” with reckless abandon, destroying everything in its path. The destruction is encouraged – and fun as hell.

Your score is generated by how much destruction and mayhem you cause, and whether you sink the ball in the appropriate amount of strokes, and then you move on to the next hole – and there’s about 100 of them. If you want to destroy things with friends, there’s a party mode that will enable up to eight people to play. Originally planned for May, Dangerous Golf needed a bit more time to hit the fairway – thus today’s release.  Checkout the launch trailer below to see how dangerous golf can be.

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