Logan - Trailer

Wow. Where the hell are my socks? Much like Guardians yesterday, I didn’t know we were getting a trailer for Logan today. But now that we have, my world will never be the same…

“Logan… You Still Have Time.”

Okay, hyperbole, I know. My world will be the same (until the NX is revealed later), but damn that was good! Perfectly set to Johnny Cash’s Hurt, the Logan trailer just drips of despair and desperation. Director James Mangold looks like he has nailed the feel of an aging Logan, with Hugh Jackman completely delivering on the nuances.

One of the surprises gleamed from today’s trailer though is just how much of Sir Patrick Stewart there is. Much like Logan, Professor Xavier is on his last leg, and the world of mutants is crumbling around him. It’s likely that Xavier’s role in the film is a setup lasting for the first Act, but he features prominent in this trailer.

It seems as though Professor X is the deliverer of Laura Kinney, a.k.a. X-23 to the current Wolverine. Kinney is a female clone of Logan’s, and thus, he’s poised to eventually protect her from the Reavers whom seek her capture.

Words won’t do this trailer justice. Take a moment to watch it for yourself and soak in the goodness. Logan hits theaters March 3rd.

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