In a world where time travel is indispensable and the planet of Deponia is veering toward destruction, the boastful Rufus finds himself in quite the pickle.

Journeying with him through various futures and pasts is the bold and gorgeous Goal, Rufus’s main love interest. In addition we have the canny McChronicle, the inventor of the time machine that inevitably causes a substantial amount of distortion in the space-time continuum. Huh. Who would’ve guessed that there would be consequences following such actions? Nonetheless, the fate of the planet Deponia falls so inconveniently into Rufus’s lap.

deponia characters

In all honesty, Rufus is practically the last person you’d ever expect or want to see attempt to save the world from complete abomination. He is crude, and extremely anti-hero, but he’s also pretty damn hilarious.

In the opening scene of Deponia Doomsday, Rufus is a much older version of himself. He ventures through the brisk air to what seems to be a small shack that needs to be broken into using miscellaneous objects scattered in the scene. After torching his way in, mustard colored monsters bombard him all at once, and the world appears to end as we know it.

deponia begin

Or at least until a younger version of Rufus awakens in an acquaint balloon prototype…thing. At that point his story begins with his dream to travel to the world of Elysium. Following suit is catastrophe after catastrophe involving a peculiar pink elephant.

To enjoy Deponia Doomsday you must have patience and a good sense of humor

To enjoy Deponia Doomsday you must have patience and a good sense of humor. I realized this while aimlessly adventuring through my first hour of gameplay. I found myself pointing and clicking at numerous objects in hopes I would expose something relevant to the story. In the meantime, I came across a very diverse set of characters, each and every one of them possessing a unique trait that set them apart from the norm.

I first had the pleasure of meeting the awkward yet brilliant McChronicle in Deponia. Though he mostly just rambles on about temporal physics and the actualities of the time travel he has invented, Rufus doesn’t find his brilliance charming. McChronicle quickly becomes a victim to Rufus’s insulting remarks, but rather takes them with a grain assault.

Poor guy…

deponia mcchronicle

Now when I mentioned previously that patience is important, I truly madly deeply mean it. There have been countless moments during my playthrough where I had to give myself a mental break from all of the complicated puzzles I endured. I strolled around Deponia and Elysium for an embarrassing amount of time, mumbling vulgar words and questioning my thought process.

But here’s the thing about a good chunk of these riddles:  they are so weird. Realizing this set me free. Anything is possible in Deponia Doomsday, possibilities outnumber the amount of determination I had left. For example, at one point I was specifically instructed to create a maggot sausage.

deponia maggot

Regardless, it takes a lot of thinking outside the box to come up with some of these formulas. There really isn’t a great deal of clues or direction; sometimes it really is a shot in the dark. Other times, I was kicking myself because the conclusions were so obvious.

Additionally, I also found it was significant to converse with anyone I came in contact with because practically each and every one of them had vital information to share. Communication is key, people.

Aside from the somewhat annoying and lengthy puzzles, the cartoon style of this game makes me swoon. It meshes flawlessly with the humorous vibe Deponia Doomsday emits, there’s nothing negative about how the scenes are crafted.

deponia humor 2

Now that I’ve taken some time to admire the super pretty environment, time travel is really what this game is all about. Due to the insane amount of times you end up traveling to both the past and the future, which ultimately revolves around the world’s destruction, a time loop is created. The fancy space-time continuum alters and begins to warp, which predictably causes havoc upon the lives of Rufus and Goal.

Oof, now let me tell you. Thank goodness you can skip through the conversations because I literally had the same chat with a handful of individuals at least three times. I even had to retrace my steps and re-add items to my inventory, which was kind of a hassle, especially when there isn’t a lot of guidance to begin with.

I basically replayed several of the same sequences over and over again and it became discouraging. Sure, the dialogue is crazy comical, but I can only hear the same joke so many times until it loses its flare.

deponia goal

Despite the complexities, repetition, and lack of direction, I found myself laughing regularly at the crude humor and bizarre scenarios that molded Deponia Doomsday into everything it is. Who doesn’t enjoy a good laugh here and there? Add a fairly fascinating story and diverse cast of characters into the mix and you’ve got yourself one hell of a game.

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