Destiny 2 Review: For The Puppies!


Bungie is a company that is known for crafting good sci-fi games. Look at their previous work, Halo was fresh and innovative for its time. And with their latest title Destiny, it proved that they knew how to make a fun universe. However, the story was really unimpressive since it was told in small portions of the game and a lot of the lore was found online. It made fans and critics give destiny a lower score. Although they did nail the multiplayer and had good end game content. With Destiny 2 Bungie was trying to address all the problems the first game had and in many ways they did.

The Reign of Dominus Ghaul

The story begins with the last city being invaded by Dominus Ghaul who leads the Red legion which is a division of the Cabal Empire. The main goal of the red legion is to take the traveler by force and steal its light. However, Dominus Ghaul has other plans for the traveler. As a result of the invasion, the traveler gets trapped and the guardians lose their light, which makes them more mortal. From now on they can die at any moment and won’t be resurrected. Likewise, the last city has fallen and the Guardian leadership has fled to other planets such as Titan, Io, and Nessus. The only hope for the guardians is the main player. They survive and get their light back when they run into one of the original traveler shards that fell off the traveler.

Destiny 2 is a major improvement to the first Destiny when it comes to story. It can last about 10-20 hours depending on if you are rushing through it or completing all the story missions and side quests. Also, some of the lore is spread through the side quests which is an improvement over the first game.

One of the game’s advantages is that the worlds look fantastic. Titan is one out of four planets you can explore and it’s an ocean themed world with a broken down civilization, that has been taken over by the hive. Nessus is an asteroid that can be explored and was modified to look more like a jungle by the Vex, who are a mechanical alien species. Io is the last known place for the traveler visiting before going to the earth making it close with the light. Therefore it’s sacred to the guardians and is also themed like a jungle/woods. Finally, we get to the earth which is filled with the Fallen and Red legion but it’s also the home of the refugees from the last city. Also, Earth looks like civilization fell but the buildings are still standing. Additionally, the worlds offer a variety of enemies and mini-bosses to take down and have interesting characters that move the plot and side quest going which is to its benefit. Because otherwise, the MMO like questing would get boring if you’re not into MMOs.

The Farm is the new hub zone for players to meet up. In addition, you can talk to the vendors for rewards such as doing the Crucible for gear from Lord Shaxx. Or doing strikes for gear from Zavala. Additionally, you can store your gear in the vault or decrypt engrams and get exotics or legendary gear. In fact, the farm is unique that it grows while you do the main quest getting more players that are higher level and having more vendors offering reasons to stay at the hub zone. In addition, there is a second hub zone that you have to unlock that offers another great safe house.

Destiny 2 has a remarkable score that helps to make you feel the impact of the world and the struggles the guardians face in a world with no light. For example, the moment you see your city burning to the ground you feel the music creeping in to show the tone of lost but also the hope that this isn’t the end. Furthermore, the score was created by several composers, Michael Salvatori, Skye Lewin, C Paul Johnson, Rotem Moav and Pieter Scholosser, they are all talented music composers in the industry.

Destiny of The Guardians

Destiny 2 is a first person action game that focuses on fast and smooth gameplay. First, you start off picking your class there are three to select from, Titan, Hunter, and Warlock. With each class, there are three subclasses that offer class abilities, minor abilities such as different grenades and different jumps and of course super abilities that are useful for wiping out enemies fast. Titans are the front lines soldiers who run into battle and tend to take a beating but deals heavy damage. Warlocks are useful for taking foes from a distance but can get close and personal and pack a real critical hit with fists. Hunters are the all around balanced class they can rush into battle or stay behind and take foes down with no problem. Another focal point of the game is that grinding for better gear is required to be able to do any of the end game content like Night falls or raids. The good thing is Destiny 2 is easier to get better gear than the original because engrams tend to drop more.

Strikes are like dungeons that only require one through three people to play and is easier and shorter to complete than a full raid. The strikes included are, The Inverted Spire, Exodus Crash, Savathun’s Song, The Arms Dealer, The Pyramidion and if you own the PlayStation edition you also get Lake of Shadows. They are fun and compared to the first Destiny much easier which can be a problem if you liked the difficulty personally I think it works better in Destiny 2.

Let the Games Begin

Multiplayer is done by participating in the Crucible which is where guardians face off against each other to prove their worth and to win crucible tokens where you can turn them in and get better gear from Lord Shaxx. There are two types of crucible matches, Quickplay and competitive.  Both have you playing 4v4 but offer different maps and game modes. In Quickplay you will find control, clash, and supremacy they offer a fun experience for those who aren’t as skilled or experienced in Destiny’s multiplayer. In addition, the Competitive mode is more team based and the modes include Countdown and survival, arguably one of the best modes. It offers a lot of enjoyment and it felt like every life mattered or you would be failing the team because you only get 8 lives for everyone so you worked even harder to stay alive and win. In conclusion, I thought the multiplayer was a fun experience but there were issues with the servers and warlock felt a little too over powered.


Destiny 2
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