The Technomancer

Developer Spiders has released a new (and brief) commentary trailer for their upcoming RPG, The Technomancer. Within it, we get near 3 minute glance of our main character, Zachariah, and his technomancy-based skill set.

The Technomancer takes place within a post-apocalyptic society on Mars set 120 years after they’ve lost contact with Earth. For those unaware of technomancy (as I was), Spiders describes Zachariah (a technomancer) as “a warrior able to harness his bioelectric powers into powerful skills and abilities in combat.” Zachariah, our titular technomancer, uses said powers in three distinct fighting styles covered in the trailer.

Warrior, Guardian and Rogue stances are the core aspects of Zachariah’s fighting mechanics. The Warrior stance is straightforward combat with little customization for the most part. The Guardian stance is more defensive, giving Zachariah the ability to “defend, parry and bludgeon your way through the red planet.” The Rogue stance will be touched upon another time. Each of the stances are upgradable through an expanding skill set tree you can flesh out as you advance through The Technomancer.

The hub world of The Technomancer, which takes place on the planet Noctis, was also briefly on display in the new trailer. Exploring it “will take you further through the story but also allow you to search for secrets, bandits, and to return to places you visited earlier and unlock new quests and pathways.

The Technomancer - Stealth Attack
Stealth is also a valid combat option in The Technomancer.

Companions were also briefly touched upon. You can level them up so that they continuously grow in skill alongside you, and romancing them is also an option “if you grow close.” Spiders mentions too that “looting and crafting equipment is important in The Technomancer.” Doing so will have considerable affect on your overall skill set and appearance.

You can see it all for yourself in the new trailer below. Spider hopes to have The Technomancer available for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One in 2016.

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