Rogue One - Trailer 2

Wow. I didn’t think I could get more excited for this movie. But that was before I watched nearly two and half minutes of pure joy. Disney issued the new Rogue One trailer this morning. And boy, is it a doozy.

“Save the Rebellion. Save the Dream.”

We get to see much more of the driving force of the film in this outing. The plot, at first rumored, now officially appears to be heavily revolved around Jyn Erso and her father Galen Erso. In the trailer, Galen appears to be ripped from Jyn while she is just a young girl. Galen appears to be a central figure in the construction of the Death Star. He later reaches out to the Rebels which starts the cogs turning for this movie.

Mads Mikkelson plays the role of Daddy Erso. In the trailer, you hear him so to his daughter, “Jyn. Whatever I do. I do to protect you.” Seeing as how Galen Erso isn’t a figure in the original Star Wars trilogy, this may spell certain disaster for him come Act III of our latest Star Wars outing.

The latest trailer for Rogue One also slips in a Darth Vader cameo. But it’s just that, a cameo. He’s in the trailer, apparently intimidating Galen Erso, for about 3 seconds. I’m curious, much like everyone else, how much of Vader we’ll get in the final cut. My fingers are still crossed that we’ll get to see Vader in action, completely destroying some Rebels to show just how powerful he is at some point in this movie.

All in all, another awesome trailer. Rogue One sparks the rebellion on December 16th.

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