Disney Infinity - Marvel Battleground

While Microsoft spend the afternoon trying to steal all the headlines, Disney was ready to bring out some big news of their own. Avalanche Studios’ Senior Vice President and General Manager John Blackburn shot a video alongside Vice President of Production John Vignocchi. The duo took some time to detail the future for Disney Infinity.

They touted that for the 2nd year in a row, Disney Infinity is recognized as the #1 toys-to-life title on the market. They credited a strong community, and stated that they listen to their fans’ wishes. One of the things the fans are clamoring for most is an extension to the life of starter packs. Therefore, Disney Infinity 3.0 is getting some more time in the spotlight. The team promised continued support of 3.0 throughout 2016, with at least 1 new play set from each of the title’s brands of Disney, Pixar, Marvel and Star Wars.

John Blackburn said that the “3.0 edition will be the largest collection of content ever released inside of a Disney game.” That collection expands in early March with a couple of figures from Disney’s upcoming animated film, Zootopia. The title’s main duo, Nick Wilde and Judy Hopps, revealed that the Zootopia characters will be available to Disney Infinity 3.0 as of today.

Disney Infinity - Zootopia

The studio heads also announced a brand new addition to the game: Marvel Battleground Play Set. The mode brings 4 players together into an arena brawler style mode where players can finally fight head to head with their Marvel figures. The mode will also incorporate 4 new figures on their way to stores to celebrate the upcoming Captain America: Civil War movies: Civil War Captain America, Black Panther, Ant-Man and Vision. The mode support every existing Marvel figure and feature 8 new arenas which take damage themselves over time to change the scenery throughout battles. Here’s the Marvel Battleground trailer:

Blackburn and Vignocchi then moved on to focus on another upcoming franchise Disney is promoting: The Jungle Book. The team at Avalanche Studios isn’t developing toys based around the live-action film though, but instead, deriving content from the classic animated movie – specifically Baloo the Bear. No word on when the figure will be headed our way though.

Check out the entire Disney Infinity Next video below. The team stated that they plan to use this Next format to deliver news in the future as well, so we’ll be seeing Blackburn and Vignocchi again soon.

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