For some people on staff Pokemon Go has already made an impact by promoting more active and social lifestyles, but their is still no reason for being stupid on the road. Some Pokemon trainers are taking the phrase, “got to catch them all” to heart and are getting behind the wheel, making roadways unsafe.

Don’t Drive Distracted

The Baltimore Police posted a video yesterday on Twitter that shows a man smashing into a parked police cruiser. The driver was distracted by playing Pokemon GO while driving. Nobody at the scene was harmed, which is a relief considering how fast he entered the intersection. Check out the video below…

After the driver noticed he caused an accident, he pulled over and awaited instructions from three officers who were on the scene. The driver said, “that’s what I get for playing this dumba** game.”

#PokemonGO is not all fun and games. Here is a video of a distracted driver who struck one of our cars. #PlaySafe

It’s Just a Game

According to Seattle Times, The Washington State Patrol has logged its first Pokémon Go crash. A 28-year-old driver rear-ended a Chevy sedan on Highway 202 in Fall City.  The female driver and her child weren’t injured, but both cars were towed from the scene. “The WSP urges gamers to consider safety over their high score,” the State Patrol said in a news release.

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