Dome City Splash

Dome City, a title from Hungarian start-up Overon Station, gets a new trailer featuring music from Petri Alanko, the finnish composer who worked on titles such as Alan Wake and Trials Fusion. Alanko created the piece just for this trailer.
“The current video is only a prototype trailer, and most of the graphics are still placeholders. We know that there is a lot to work on, just wanted to share the wonderful music by Petri, and the current mood of our abandoned city.” said the guys at Overon Station.

First presented to the press during the 2015 edition of Game Connection, a networking event which took place in Paris at the same time as the Paris Games Week, Dome City is a sandbox story-driven space adventure featuring puzzles, crafting and survival elements. As they explore an abandoned city on Mars, three astronauts have to resort to their knowledge of physics, mathematics, and astronomy to survive. Every choice has an effect on the story and each playthrough can unfold completely differently from the previous one.

Created by a small team and based on a piece of Hungarian sci-fi literature, the game is developed using Unreal Engine 4 and should be released on PC, before being eventually ported to PS4 and Xbox one. Details regarding Dome City‘s release date have not been disclosed yet, but this trailer surely feeds the hype for the title. For more information, you can visit the game’s official website.

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