With The Game Awards airing tonight, fans are hoping that their favorite titles will come out to bask in the limelight. Many expected Breath of the Wild to skip this year’s show after a presence last year. After all, Nintendo said we wouldn’t’ be getting anything else Switch related until January. They were pleasantly surprised, however, when Nintendo announced the game would be there. So, fans are now Tweeting developers everywhere hoping their anticipated titles will be making a showing. Perhaps none more so than Insomniac Games’ upcoming Spiderman.

Any Chance of Peter Parker Walking the Red Carpet Tonight?

Insomniac was getting called out by fans to the point that they had to do some damage control. If they remained silent, it’s entirely possible that the Spiderman fan base would assume they were guilty by omission. So, they shot down the hopes of seeing a fresh look at their Spiderman game tonight:

Some users became offended, stating Insomniac was breaking promises by hiding the game away. Insomniac quickly, yet politely, rebutted all attempts. They stated (accurately) that they never promised to show off Spiderman ahead of The Game Awards or this weekend’s PlayStation Experience.

So, there you have it folks. Don’t expect to see any web slinging on PlayStation consoles tonight, or this weekend. Hopefully we won’t have to wait until June’s E3 to get our next Spiderman fix.

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