Ever since Dontnod Entertainment finished the commercially successful Life Is Strange, it’s since late last year, it was announced that the Paris development studio alongside Focus Home Interactive was currently working on a new IP called Vampyr.

Originally last year their was little information on what kind of game Vampyr was going to be, but according to a new press release, Dontnod shared the first set of screenshots for the game, and it is indeed a dark looking game, but a good looking game as well.


According to the new info released, Vampyr will be an Action/RPG set in 1918 London, during the midst of the Spanish Flu, where you play the role of a doctor who as of late, has been infected with a virus that transforms him into a Vampire, and it is up to the main protagonist to choose how you play your role as a Vampire: ‘will you decide to feed on your human prey for sustenance? Or will you decide to heal them?’, are decisions you will be able to make as the player, and ultimately it will morally shape the fate of your character, and what occurs during the story will have a significant impact on the outcome of the story.


The game also will feature plenty of characters to speak to with varying backgrounds and stories to uncover, and as an action role playing game, during the game you will be able to decide how your character fights by upgrading the protagonist through versatile rpg skill trees, choosing what kind of weapons and abilities the character will have allowing you to choose how you dispatch of the unique bestiary of enemies at your disposal.


Also according to Dontnod, the team will be using the Unreal 4 engine this go around, and in comparison to Life Is Strange, it definitely shows. In terms of visual representation, the game is going for a more grim and dark looking approach, focusing on dark colors, and more ambient lighting, as apposed to their previous works which focused more on bright colors, and a more upbeat style of presentation.


Overall Vampyr is shaping up to be a promising game, and after the reception of the critically acclaimed Life Is Strange, I am more than interested to see how the game turns out.

The game as it stands is set to release on PC, PS4, and Xbox One and is looking to release around 2017.

Anyways stay tuned for more info on Vampyr as is develops.

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