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The much awaited Free Update 2 for DOOM will see the light of day today, July 29, 2016. The update introduces new multiplayer modes as well as improving SnapMap, the in-game level editor.

Get Double XP Throughout The Weekend

The two new multiplayer modes are Exodus, a single-flag CTF mode featuring dynamically shifting bases and Sector, an objective-based capture-and-hold type of match. Both will be playable on existing and new maps.

SnapMap will now allow you to work with some of DOOM‘s most iconic and well known locations. The 30 all-new hell modules this update brings along allow you to shape your levels or to re-create some of your favorite ones. You will also be able to use the DOOM weapon wheel while playing your SnapMap levels.

To celebrate the release of the Free Update 2 Pack, Bethesda decided to go with a weekend-long XP Event. From July 29th throughout August 1st, all matches will yield double XP. Servers will be briefly taken down in order to prepare for the update.

Furthermore, the video linked above teases one of DOOM upcoming DLC: Unto The Evil. The 14,99$ USD Pack, scheduled for release on August 5th, 2016, promises exciting new features. Among these, we will see new equipment and weapons such as the UAC EMG Pistol and the Kinetic Mine, three new maps, and new customization options for your marine.
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