The Dragon Age: Inquisition Jaws of Hakkon DLC, which was, if you ask me inexplicably, released for PC and Xbox One last week, has finally been confirmed via BioWare’s twitter account, to be heading to PS4 and last-gen consoles in May.

Via Twitter: “CONFIRMED: Dragon Age: Inquisition – Jaws of Hakkon comes to all other platforms in May!”

Jaws of Hakkon

While I’m sure they have their reasons, likely the similarities between Xbox One and PC systems compared to other hardware, it still could’ve turned into something major had they not promptly assured the community that everyone else would be obtaining the add-on. Fortunately, we’ll all get to delve into the Jaws of Hakkon within two months’ time, though I can’t imagine swords and fire being particularly good for his teeth.

Source: Bioware (Twitter)